Jelle Clerc Internship

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What do you remember about your first day at ANCHOVY.?

14 November, the very first day my adventure at ANCHOVY. started and opened a new chapter in my life. I remember Bettina opened the door saying ‘There are my Dutchies!’ with a big smile on her face. Later she turned out to be the happiest floormanager I had ever met. From just a single door in a busy street, it let to a big awesome living room looking office. When I was getting introduced to everyone I noticed that their were working a lot of young people and I couldn’t even decide who was the boss and who was a rookie. Young entrepreneurs, big up! After the introduction we immediately started on the daily morning scrum meeting with the whole team, something I wasn’t familiar with so I was quite impressed about it. Following, we went upstairs to the design studio, what would be my workspace (and currently still is). Some of the designers showed their work and together with the team we did an Q&A session. I was fascinated about the work that was shown and how the team gave critical feedback. It was a very good experience and it still is nowadays! The rest of the day I shadowed the Junior Designer to get known about the workflow and clients of ANCHOVY. I remember the people were just very kind and interested that day.


What did you feel you learned the most during your stay with us?

Everyday at ANCHOVY. I was, and still am, improving my personal skills. But that’s not really an answer to your question. If I had to pick one thing of which I think is the most important thing I’ve learned, it would be this fascinating work process we do for a lot of projects. During this process we work intensively together with a team consisting of people from all various departments. We really dig deep and try to get the most and best out of each project. Very good for creativity.


How would you describe the buzz/culture at ANCHOVY.?

ANCHOVY. has this indescribable vibe floating around. Everybody feels it when they are at the office, I guess. It’s a place where creativity can flourish and good things can come to life. Not only in our work, but also between us as human beings. We’re not just seeing each other between 9-5 during the week, we meet each other for a game of football, dinner or a nice cold beer. I know for sure that for us as design apartment our work is our hobby and we don’t mind to go to work or stay a few hours longer to finish a project. That is what influence ANCHOVY. has. 


What do you miss the most about ANCHOVY. after you left ?

Haven’t left yet. But before I got the job offer, I didn’t feel like going back home already. The six months internship flew by with all the ANCHOVY. madness in it. I just didn’t had enough, I wanted more. So luckily I got the job, thanks again 


How did you feel about Fridays at ANCHOVY ?

Fridays are the bomb. Everybody is feeling pumped because this day we can close another week with a lot of work. We eat some nice pasta (for a change) together and talk about our plans for the weekend and places we may meet.

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