Employee FAQ

How many full-time employees are there at ANCHOVY.?

ANCHOVY. Is a fast-growing company, we currently have over 25 full time employees

How would you describe the environment at ANCHOVY.?

ANCHOVY. likes to swim against the stream, so you will find we like to do things different. We do not have the normal office desk set up. At ANCHOVY. people move around a lot and can sit whereever they want. It is a very fast paced, hardworking, yet very fun and loud environment.

Does ANCHOVY. practise flexi working hours?

No, our offices hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Why the name ANCHOVY.?

Being creatures of the sea we felt that our name should be linked to the marine world in some way. We called the company ANCHOVY. because we wanted to create a name that invites intrigue and a sense of team. Anchovies are synonymous with creating teams in a world of vast oceans with adventures and opportunities around each corner. The name ANCHOVY. seemed like a natural fit.

Does ANCHOVY. have a dress code?

Yes, extremely casual! We allow people to come to work in casual comfortable wear, we are a company that embraces ‘different’.

Is there room for growth within the company?

Yes, Yes and Yes! We are a very fast-growing company that recognizes and retains our own talents first.

Where are the ANCHOVY. offices located.

We currently have 2 office buildings on Hamrun High street, it is an area that suits us well and parking is not a problem as long as you get here on time.