Internship FAQ

How many full-time employees are there at ANCHOVY.?

ANCHOVY. Is a fast-growing company, we currently have over 25 full time employees.

Is this a paid internship program?

No, our internship programs are unpaid.

Will ANCHOVY supply me with a computer to work from?

No, you must bring your own laptop to work from.

Is there a preferred timeframe for internship programs?

Yes, we prefer a 6-month internship stay, and we do not accept anything less than 3 months.

Will I be working on real tasks / jobs?

Yes – Our interns work side by side with our employees and will be working on real tasks/jobs

Will I be treated the same as an employee?

Exactly the same – ANCHOVY. interns and employees have the same set up, in fact it is very hard to tell which of us are interns and which are employees.

How would you describe the environment at ANCHOVY. ?

ANCHOVY. likes to swim against the stream, so you will find we like to do things different. We do not have the normal office desk set up. At ANCHOVY. people move around a lot and can sit wherever they want. It is a very fast paced, hardworking, yet very fun and loud environment.

What are the chances of my internship turning into employment?

The chances are really high, 60% of our employees started as interns, so if you have what it takes to strive for success, we will not want to let you go.