Founder Driven

At ANCHOVY. the founders of the company start work every damn day at 6:30am. Do you know why? What makes them get so excited to get out of bed and rush to the office each and every single day?

We Love Learning

If we’re not learning every day, that means we’re failing every day. At ANCHOVY. the founders have always and will always foster a culture of sharing, learning and caring. The Founders come to work every day at 6:30am to keep learning something new about them selfs, about the industry and about their clients/partners.

Morning Booster Party

Pumping music | High energy | Great work out

We wanted to move away from the negative connotations and associations and completely flip the tables – throwing a party first thing in the morning. Getting people pumped up before work. Leaving people on a natural high to start their day.

Healthy Living

At ANCHOVY. we encourage and actually push you to live your life inside and out side of the office. Every day we hold office wide morning scrums at 8:30am. Every Wednesday we have a mini morning booster for 20 min where every employee is invited for tea, talks and games. We have a roster for 2 people to cook for the whole office every Friday and the last Friday of the month we get a guest Professional chef to cook for everyone. 3 months of summer each employee gets every Friday half day to go and enjoy the beach 🙂