Anne Charlotte Bakx

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How long was your internship?
4 and a half months

Who was your immediate supervisor?
Claudia and Phil

What department were you working in?
Creative, in the basement

What was the best thing about working in that department?
Just everything I learned, I guess, from Phil, Claudia and the other guys

Do you think that the department was working to its full potential?
It could be a bit understaffed at time and there were always really high expectations which were unrealistic keeping in mind the resources we had

How would you describe your first day in the ANCHOVY. offices?
I came in with Maria and we really hit it off so that was really good fun. So yeah we experienced the first day together. It was a bit slow but it was fun

What did you enjoy the most during your stay with ANCHOVY.?
The people.

Is there anything that you disliked during your stay with ANCHOVY.
Sometimes the miscommunication could be annoying

Who made you laugh the most during your stay?
Sarah, Ed the influencer, Maria, Neal, Sara, Claudia’s stories, Bobbie’s dance moves, Val’s slightly inappropriate comments, Oisin’s rapping, just Phil in general, everyone has made me laugh at some point.

In your opinion is there anything we can do different to make things better for Interns?I think there definitely should be more room for interns to learn what they want to learn and to have the time to do that as well

Given the opportunity would you consider working for ANCHOVY.  in the future?
Ask me again in 6 months when I’ve graduated

How would you describe the Founders?
I haven’t had that much interaction with them. But the impression I got from them was like this; Benji’s like we can do this, this and this and Zak is like ‘ok, calm down.’ And Zak saved me once from drinking spoiled milk so definitely a hero

Did you find all the help you needed to follow through the program?
Oh, definitely. Phil and Claudia were definitely amazing supervisors. And everyone was always helpful if I had a question.

What’s the one thing you are taking with you from being at ANCHOVY.?
Just friendships. I also learned a lot about the industry and how agencies work.

How did you handle any difficulties you came across?
If there were any difficulties I would go to Claudia, we’d have a little chat. And it’d be fine.

What did you think about the Office culture / environment?
It’s a little bit lost right now, which is why we had the workshops at Christmas. And there have been some changes, during the morning. But I think the culture of ANCHOVY. is the people who work here.

What about Fridays?
I’ve had some really good Fridays. Fridays are always a lot of fun

Do you feel like you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish from your internship?Not as much as I would have liked but for myself it’s clear what I want to do after my study, so I did accomplish it in that way

How do you feel about leaving?
I’m really sad. I’m going to miss this group of people.

Is there anything we can do to make leaving easier?
Just have beers after a work and have a good last Friday. Sander made a great lunch, so it’s already shaping up to be a good nice last Friday.

Is there anything else you want to add?

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