Antoine Latane

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How long was your internship?

4 months 

Who was your immediate supervisor?


What department were you working in?


What was the best thing about working in that department?

Learning new things like SEO and the fact that I got to work on everything – working on concepts, graphic design, video shooting for a campaign advert (and experiencing the backstage).

Do you think that the department was working to its full potential?

Yes but even though we come up with amazing concepts, only a small percentage of them is realistic to happen due to budget and client restrictions. I think ANCHOVY. Gives more than the market actually demands which is exciting but can also be challenging.

How would you describe your first day in the ANCHOVY. offices?

From the street, you can’t see what’s happening behind the doors – and that’s the magic of this place. I was really surprised with the energy and the passion.

What did you enjoy the most during your stay with ANCHOVY.?

I felt very comfortable in the company – everyone was welcoming and open-minded, people can wear what they want and express themselves. I’ve also met a lot of friends. There’s also a lot of transparency in the company and nobody is hiding anything. It feels like home.

The business model of ANCHOVY. Is very impressive and it definitely set my standards for the future work with agencies. I feel very lucky and privileged to have been able to do my internship at ANCHOVY. In France, no company would have given me an opportunity to work on real client’s projects without graduating first, I felt trusted.

Is there anything that you disliked during your stay with ANCHOVY.

There’s a lot of liberty which is great but at the same time it can be easy to abuse especially for someone who’s inexperienced. 

Who made you laugh the most during your stay?

Remi’s sarcasm and Lisa. Oh, and Sander with his football stories 😉

In your opinion, is there anything we can do different to make things better for Interns?

Financial compensation 🙂

Given the opportunity would you consider working for ANCHOVY.  in the future?


How would you describe the Founders?

My impression about them two kept changing throughout my internship. I’ve never felt any distance between myself and them, they’re very approachable and they’re both straightforward especially when looking for solutions; there are no lies. Benji is much more involved in the everyday life of the company and Zak has a bit more of an external look at things more like a client. 

Did you find all the help you needed to follow through the program?


What’s the one thing you are taking with you from being at ANCHOVY.?

I feel more confident and independent – I definitely grew professionally. I’ve also learned a lot hot to take ownership. 

How did you handle any difficulties you came across?

I’ve learned to speak up as soon as something goes wrong or it there was a problem.

What did you think about the Office culture / environment?

Very fun and homely – it’s welcoming!

What about Fridays?

Friday breakfasts are great 🙂

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish from your internship?

Yes because I’ve learned different things but I miss seeing tangible results

How do you feel about leaving?

Mixed feelings – I loved the internship but I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in my future studies

Is there anything we can do to make leaving easier?

Not really 😉

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