Lisa Magri Overend

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How long was your internship?

3 months 

Who was your immediate supervisor?


What department were you working in?

Business Development & Events

What was the best thing about working in that department?

Communication and the relationship with managers; the work itself as well.

Do you think that the department was working to its full potential?

I think it works to its full potential with the culture helping it a lot 🙂

How would you describe your first day in the ANCHOVY. offices?

Was really welcoming (I’ve known some people already) and I was very excited.

What did you enjoy the most during your stay with ANCHOVY.?

The feeling I got in the morning after waking up – knowing that I was going somewhere with purpose and would enjoy it!

Is there anything that you disliked during your stay with ANCHOVY.

Sometimes information was miscommunicated which resulted in misunderstandings. At the beginning I felt left out sometimes but there was nothing an open conversation didn’t fix 🙂

Who made you laugh the most during your stay?

Luke and Oisin! 🙂

In your opinion, is there anything we can do different to make things better for Interns?

Financial compensation 🙂

Given the opportunity would you consider working for ANCHOVY.  in the future?


How would you describe the Founders?

Zak is very intelligent and he knows what he wants; he’s also very organised and straight to the point. Benji, on the other hand, is someone I can relate to a lot, he’s quite eccentric and gives cool vibes. It doesn’t feel like they’re your bosses, they’re very respectful and considerate of their employees. 

Did you find all the help you needed to follow through the program?


What’s the one thing you are taking with you from being at ANCHOVY.?

I feel more confident and independent – I definitely grew professionally. I’ve also learned a lot hot to take ownership. 

How did you handle any difficulties you came across?

I’ve learned to speak up as soon as something goes wrong or it there was a problem.

What did you think about the Office culture / environment?

Very fun and homely – it’s welcoming!

What about Fridays?

Friday breakfasts are great 🙂

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish from your internship?

Yes because I’ve learned different things but I miss seeing tangible results

How do you feel about leaving?

Mixed feelings – I loved the internship but I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in my future studies

Is there anything we can do to make leaving easier?

Not really 😉

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