Marjolein Meloen

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How long was your internship?
3 months 

Who was your immediate supervisor?


What department were you working in?
SEO and affiliates

What was the best thing about working in that department?

Having the freedom to write the articles. Because all I got was a title and I could do everything I wanted

Do you think that the department was working to its full potential

Not completely. It would work better if there was a clearer overview of what needed to be done

How would you describe your first day in the ANCHOVY. offices?

It was nice because Sara introduced me to everyone. I think Sander explained everything to me about how ANCHOVY. Works and what Ginger was and I got the time to adjust to everything

What did you enjoy the most during your stay with ANCHOVY.?

Preparing the lunch for everyone – I made pizzas for everyone 

Is there anything that you disliked during your stay with ANCHOVY.

The long hours. I did internships before but getting to the office took a long time and then going back was also time consuming. Mostly I hated the bus

Who made you laugh the most during your stay?

I think Remi because Remi is like my spirit animal. Like he has really dry humour and everything is a disaster and everything is the worst. Everything’s really dramatic. And Neal made me laugh a lot of times as well and he’s really nice. Luke is also the funniest guy ever!

In your opinion, is there anything we can do different to make things better for Interns?

Progress talks – I’m used to having progress talks after a month or two months to see how you’re doing and how you can improve. After a month I spoke to Remi to do a progress talk and I feel like it was beneficial for the both of us so it would be good to do it with other interns.

Given the opportunity would you consider working for ANCHOVY.  in the future?

If ANCHOVY. Had an office in the Netherlands, I would

How would you describe the Founders?

I haven’t talked to them much so I can’t really judge

Did you find all the help you needed to follow through the program?

Yeah, there wasn’t much help needed because everything went fine 

What’s the one thing you are taking with you from being at ANCHOVY.?

I like the morning scrums. I think it’s good for a company to do that and you can also work anywhere you want to – it’s nice to switch things up a bit everyday 

How did you handle any difficulties you came across?

I didn’t really have many difficulties. The only thing in the beginning I only wrote for Ginger and it was getting repetitive, but then I just asked to have a progress talk and I asked to work on a wider variety of articles

What did you think about the Office culture / environment?

It’s really nice; it feels like you’re in the living room of a normal house. In the beginning it was really cold. I had to keep my jacket on the whole time

What about Fridays?

They’re just really relaxed. I liked the bit where there was breakfast and sometimes we’d go out for a drink after work, and that was really nice as well

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish from your internship?

Yes, I think I finished my internship quite well. And now I just have to finish my thesis and then I’m finally done

How do you feel about leaving?

Mixed feelings. On the one hand I would love to stay in Malta and enjoy the summer with all its parties and I’m going to miss some people but on the other hand I would like to see my friends again, I missed the Albert heijn (a supermarket) and I miss my bike

Is there anything we can do to make leaving easier?

Maybe something to say goodbye; like a card or a small gift

Is there anything else you want to add?

As Oisin told me today, in 2050 we’re all going to die anyway, so just enjoy the time you have now… hahaha!

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