Jip Rouvroye

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How long was your internship?
6 months 

Who was your immediate supervisor?



What department were you working in?
Content and SEO

What was the best thing about working in that department?

The variety in assignments. In the first few months it was always the same but then I started getting assignments for different clients and I really enjoyed that 

Do you think that the department was working to its full potential?
I could have handled more work, but I also can understand that running the department by himself can be tricky and it might not be worth going through the trouble of explaining assignments.

How would you describe your first day in the ANCHOVY. offices?

It was really nice – Sara showed me around and it was nice to meet everyone. It’s a good and casual way to get to know the company. I think that in a couple of weeks after I started we had our first team building event and it was a really good way to get to know everyone as well.

What did you enjoy the most during your stay with ANCHOVY.?

The people. My colleagues and being able to fill my own hours by starting early and leaving early.

Is there anything that you disliked during your stay with ANCHOVY.

As I said, it can be hard to structure work for interns but it might be worth to get into in the long run to benefit more from having interns 

Who made you laugh the most during your stay?
Remi, but the person who I laugh most with is Neal 

In your opinion, is there anything we can do differently to make things better for Interns?
More structure and being handed over more tasks. Maybe scheduling monthly evaluation moments to keep track of progress. They’re not always necessary but they’re good as a recap to see if more work can be done 

Given the opportunity would you consider working for ANCHOVY.  in the future?
Yeah, I might 🙂

How would you describe the Founders?
I didn’t speak to them much and I didn’t work with them but they were always up for a chat so that’s nice!

Did you find all the help you needed to follow through the program?
For sure, definitely. 

What’s the one thing you are taking with you from being at ANCHOVY.?
ANCHOVY. as an agency showed me how exciting and energizing it is to work with clients. It made me enthusiastic  about working in an agency rather than just for one brand 

How did you handle any difficulties you came across?

I usually just speak to Remi or whoever assigned me the task. Usually it’s just a small detail which isn’t too clear. There weren’t any major issues 

What did you think about the Office culture / environment?
The culture is really good. I love office breakfast, morning scrum. It keeps the company together, and I really loved the boat party as well. 

What about Fridays?
I think Fridays are good fun but it depends on the workload if it’s a fun casual friday or if everyone is stressing to get everything done before the weekend. It’s good to mix things up as well.

I also liked when we had Prosecco to celebrate Emily landing a new client. It would be nice to celebrate success more often 

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish from your internship?

Yes, definitely

How do you feel about leaving?


I’ve gotten so used to coming here five days a week. I got used to the people, the office and Hamrun and I’m not looking forward to going back to Holland because it’s raining and cold 

Is there anything we can do to make leaving easier?
No, I really had a great Friday and.., not really 

Is there anything else you want to add?
Thank you for the past 6 months. To ANCHOVY. and to everyone working at the company. 

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